King County Charter Amendment 1 (2022)

King County Charter Amendment 1 was a proposed change to the plan of government for Washington State’s largest local jurisdiction, Martin Luther King Jr. County. It was approved by over 69% of voters in the November 2022 general election. The amendment will move elections for twelve key positions — Executive, Assessor, Elections Director, and nine County Council seats — from odd to even years. 

The Coalition created a campaign to urge approval of King County Charter Amendment 1. Learn more about the successful campaign at its archived website

Additional resources are available on these pages:

Frequently asked questions

A Q&A that the coalition created when the amendment was in draft form, prior to its approval by the King County Council and submission to voters.


Materials prepared for the King County Council and the public during the time the amendment was under consideration as Ordinance 2022-0180.

Text of the charter amendment

Read a copy of Ordinance 2022-0180, which became King County Charter Amendment 1 (2022). Note that there have been other unrelated charter amendments with the number "1," considered by voters in other years. 

Coalition for Even-Year Elections

The Coalition is an alliance of voting justice organizations that support moving local elections in the Pacific Northwest and beyond to even-numbered years, when data shows voter turnout is much higher and more diverse. Experience has demonstrated that adopting even-year elections for localities does more for turnout than any other possible voting reform. It's also extremely popular with voters. Any organization that shares our principles is welcome to join us.